Politics Materials 2 December 2005 12:05 (UTC +04:00)

In January to October of 2005 the commercial transportation made up 103.6 million tons, or 8.2% up as compared to 2004.

In this period the railway transportation grew 23.6%, by automobile transport вЂ" 6.6%, pipelines вЂ" 2.6%.

56.4% of the total turnover fell on private (rose 6.5%) and made up 58.5 million tons. The share of public sectors was 45.1% of the entire amount of cargo deliveries and grew 10.4% as compared to last year.

In January to October cargo turnover of the transport sector grew 11.9% as compared to 2004 and made up 21.2 billion to/km. The railway transportation played considerable role in entire transportation. Special weight of railway transport in cargo transportation comprised 36.4% of the total with a rise of 23.9%, shipping rose 7.2% and automobile вЂ" 8.2%.

The aggregate amount of passenger transportation grew 4.8% and made 826.7m men. In his period 84.8% of passengers used automobile transport, 14.5% used metro.

The passenger transportation in this period comprised 12.2 billion passenger per km, or 6.6% more as compared to 2004.

In this period the cargo transportation and cargo turnover by automobiles with consideration of physical entities reached 56.1 million tons and 5.9 billion ton/km, rising by 6.6% and 8.2% respectively. The passenger transportation by automobile grew 4.5% and was equal to 700.7m people.

In January to October the railway transportation grew 23.6% to 21 million tons. Oil and oil products transported via the main oil pipelines comprised 73.9% of the total, while the construction materials вЂ" 19.6%. The cargo turnover rose 23.9% to 7.7 billion tons/km.

In this period oil transportation via oil pipelines rose 1.3% as compared to 2004 and comprised 9.7 million tons. Meanwhile, gas transportation via main oil pipelines made up 7.8 billion cu m of natural gas, or 4.8% up as compared to 2004. The cargo turnover of the main oil pipelines fell 4% and gas pipelines - 11%.

Passengers transportation via airways grew 11.1% and 1,022,000 people, including 6% implemented by private sector.

Metro remains to be the popular and profitable. The passenger transportation by this transportation grew 7.5% as compared to 2004 and comprised 119.9 million people. However, the transportation via trolley busses reduced 54% and was equal to 525,700 people.