New war involving Near East region might on Caspian region Iranian gov't official

Politics Materials 8 June 2006 11:26 (UTC +04:00)

We are concerned that a new war might involve the Near East region, which is probable to affect on the Caspian region, Mahmud Khagani, the General Director on Caspian Oil and Gas of the Iranian Petroleum Ministry, told journalists on 7 June, Trend reports.

He noted that like in the war with Iraq in 2003, no one can say that it is the war due to oil, or for oil. However, Iran has no intention to create nuclear weapons and it has several reasons for it. First, Iran is the Islamic country and Islam implies peace. Even during the Iran-Iraq war, which was broken out by Saddam Huseyn, who then enjoyed support by different governments out of the region, who used the nuclear weapons against the civilians? Even then the traders of arms came to Iran to offer arms better than that which Iraq owned for requital. Then Imam Khomeini refused. Islam does not allow termination of innocent civilians and moreover, the air pollution by chemical weapons is inadmissible. These are the doctrines of Islam. It does not allow us to answer in the way that Saddams army did. If Iran does not use nuclear arms and has no intention to do it, it will never strive to obtain nuclear arms. These are major reasons. Second, against whom can we use these weapons? Khagani inquired.

Khagani noted that Israel is the Near East country which holds tremendous arsenal of nuclear weapons, but not a member of the Treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. However, no one mentions it, he emphasized.