Our Azerbaijan block to consider unnecessary to hold action in front of Iranian embassy

Politics Materials 9 June 2006 17:22 (UTC +04:00)

The block Our Azerbaijan considers unimportant to hold action in front of Iranian Embassy, Vugar Beyturan, the chairman of Turkish-Nationalistic Party, told Trend.

He noted that the topic was repeatedly discussed by the block. We came to a conclusion that conducting of actions in front of Iranian embassy will not affect the attenuation of processes in South Azerbaijan. 5-10 people try to hold action and they are prevented by police, told Beyturan.

Besides, he noted that in order to deliver the events taken place in Iran to the world public, it needs to hold large-scale meeting. By concentrating our forces, we should hold a great meeting to prove that we are not indifferent to the events taken place in South Azerbaijan, stressed Beyturan, adding that discussions are held on this issue in the block. In the near, the block will appeal to the political forces of the country for this purpose.