Istanbul and Adana to become center of official opening ceremony of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline

Politics Materials 16 June 2006 14:56 (UTC +04:00)

Preparatory measures dedicated to the official opening ceremony of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline are continuing in Istanbul and Adana, Trend report with reference to a Turkish mass media.

The work is carried out by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Interior Ministry of Turkey in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Foreign Ministry of the country. The opening ceremony will bring together 15 state heads, 30 prime ministers and more than 50 ministers of energy and foreign affairs.

According to information, 6 state heads, 9 prime ministers and 23 ministers of energy have already given official consent to participate in the opening ceremony. The ceremony will begin in Istanbul on July 12, with official measures. The guests will be placed in hotels Chirgan, Konrad, Jeylan Intercontinental and Hilton.

A British delegation consisting of 400 persons will arrive for participation in the ceremony. BP has reserved all places in 4 hotels of Istanbul and 3 hotels of Adana for July 12.

The opening ceremony of the pipeline will begin in the evening July 12, with the reception of the Turkish president Ahmad Hejdat Sezar in hotel Chirgan in Istanbul. The reception will bring together 800 persons.

On July 13, the state heads, with a special aircraft, will fly to Adana and land down in the American military base Injirlik. Then, the state heads will move to Ceyhan port, with a special escort in armored vehicles.

The remaining guests will arrive in the Shakirpasha airport in Adana, with 6 planes Boeing 737 and then will move to the ceremony place, with buses. On July 13, the highway of Adana-Ceyhan will be temporarily close for the automobile movement.

On the ceremony day, the flights of the air company Turkish air lines will be changed. On July 12, due to presidents arrive, the airport Eshilkey in Istanbul will be close for the flights and on the ceremony day, all Istanbul-Adana flights will be prohibited.

BOTAЕћ company has reserved two planes in Ankara for its quests. The ceremony in Adana will last from 12:30 to 14:30 a.m. with local time. 1280-person tents will be installed in the ceremony place. The tents will be brought by the company BP from Great Britain, with special planes. Special security measures have been carried out in the ceremony place since June 15/

It is stated that the upcoming opening ceremony of BTC pipeline will be the biggest event in Turkey over the past years. A consortium has been established from 3 popular international firms for conducting the ceremony. The common expenses spent on the preparatory work reach 1 million dollars, and $3-3.5 million is expected to be spent on the event itself.

The Turkish president Ahmad Nejdat Sezer and prime minister Rajab Tayyub Ardogan will deliver a report in the ceremony.