Materials regarding Khojali Tragedy and Armenian Genocide against Azerbaijan in 1918 Will be Placed in Holocaust Museums

Politics Materials 11 December 2006 14:31 (UTC +04:00)

The Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Azerbaijanis Residing Abroad, Nazim Ibrahimov, exclusively informed Trend Special Correspondent in Moscow that the Committer will establish materials in Holocaust museums, regarding the Khojali tragedy and Armenian genocide against Azerbaijan in 1918.

Speaking about the plans of placing stands in Holocaust museums, regarding the genocide of the Azerbaijanis in Khojali, Ibrahimov said that there are serious plans in this respect. Relevant works are gradually carried out. Naturally, if we make this important decision, we will make this information publicly available. Besides Khojali genocide, Committee will place information in the Holocaust museums about the genocide committed by the Armenians against the Azerbaijanis in 1918 in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan, which testify Armenian wildness on base of the historical documents, he said.

Touching on the 15th anniversary of the Armenian genocide against the Azerbaijanis in Khojali in February 2007, Ibrahimov said that over many years, the Azerbaijani embassies in various countries have annually organized events to remember this black page of the Azerbaijanis history. We are ready to assist out Diaspora organizations worldwide to more effectively deliver the information about the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, Armenian genocide against Azerbaijan and ethic cleansings held by the Armenians against the Azerbaijanis, Ibrahimov said.