Azerbaijan Political Analyst: Russia Cannot Impede NATO Expansion

Politics Materials 12 February 2007 16:22 (UTC +04:00)

Commenting the results of the 43rd Conference on Security, recently held in Munich, Vafa Guluzadeh, a political expert, said that Russia do not want NATO to expand, however it cannot impede breaking it off.

Mr. Guluzadeh said that it had been East European countries who rushed to NATO and this process keeps on going. On the other hand, former Soviet Union Republics, particularly the three Baltic Republics have rushed to NATO. Georgia and Azerbaijan also want to join NATO. Armenia wants to join NATO as well, but still at the level of its opposition.

The matter is that Mr. Putin may stop it. Let Mr. Putin make his country interesting and then all these countries will begin rushing to him. Let him make this country economically-interesting, culturally-interesting, said the political expert.

According to him, today the countries should enter that security system that could guarantee security from Russia. First of all, these are Russian neighbours. The political analyst said that if Russia did not lay claims to their independence, geopolitical situation with these countries, if it did not want to return its former colonies, then there would be no troubles with Russia.

Expressing his opinion on this issue, another political analyst, Rasim Musabayov informed Trend that today, when NATO keeps moving in the direction of Russian boundaries, the Russian political elite, which has become a little stronger, have reasons for their discontent.

The matter concerns not only NATO expansion in the direction to the Russian boundaries. The matter is that the countries, located along the perimeter of Russian boundaries, want NATO in order to protect themselves from Russian claims. Here one should not blame only NATO policy, but also its own Russian вЂ" Trend policy intended for burning out and supporting separatism on the neighbouring territories, said the expert.