Azerbaijani President Issued an Order on Improving Administration of Road Transport Complex

Politics Materials 22 February 2007 21:40 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan , Baku /Trend, corr. V. Sharifov/ Today, on February 22, Azerbaijan 's President, Ilham Aliyev, has issued an order on improving the administration of the road transport complex of the country.

The rapid social and economic development of Azerbaijan has gave a significant impetus to restoration and reconstruction of the networks of auto highways and road infrastructure.

The President decreed to change the organizational and legal form of "YolNagliyatServis" LLC of the Azerbaijan Transport Ministry and found "AzerYolServis" on its basis. The latter will be subjected the very office as the previous one.

"AzerYolServis" is a joint-stock venture belongs to the state. The future Company will fulfill reconstruction, repair works, and road building activities. It will also construct highways, bridges, and tunnels.

The Cabinet of Ministers was commissioned to prepare the Charter of "AzerYolServis" within a month and submit it to the President of the Country. The Government is to hand over highways, avenues, and streets to the balance of the Transport Ministry to be governed and overhauled. The Cabinet of Ministers is also to hand over highways, roads, and streets situated on the territory of villages and settlements of the country excepting those ones of Baku City to the balance of the corresponding offices.

In addition, the President also decreed to determine the list of ownership that is on the balance of the Baku City Executive Power and Executive Powers of the corresponding Towns and Districts, production bases, facilities, departments, institutions, and organizations to maintain and repair highways, avenues, and streets of Baku City, as well as other Towns and Districts, and hand over them to the balance of "AzerYolServis" OJSC.

The Transport Minister of the Country .was commissioned to prepare a draft-state programme and submit it to the President within a month.

It will be State-Run "NakhAvtoYol" which will control the maintenance, reconstruction, overhaul, and road building activities in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.