GUAM Intends to Get Seriously Confirmed in International Relationships – GUAM Secretary General

Politics Materials 26 February 2007 19:46 (UTC +04:00)
GUAM Intends to Get Seriously Confirmed in International Relationships –    GUAM   Secretary General

Azerbaijan , Baku /corr Trend E.Huseynov /

Trend's exclusive interview with Secretary-General of the Organization for Democracy and Development - GUAM , Valeriy Chechelishvili , Valeriy Chechelishvili

Question: What are Georgia 's forecasts with respect to the further development of GUAM ? What additional initiatives could Georgia make ?

Answer: As you know, in May 2006 a regional international Organization for Democracy and Economic Development of GUAM was established on the base of a joint resolution by Presidents of GUAM member-states. As a result of intensive work carried out last year within GUAM it was possible to determine the priority directions of cooperation. Particularly the implementation of joint projects and further deepening of trade and economic relationships, co-operation in energy and energy security issues, consolidation of support to international community with respect to contribute in the peaceable resolution of conflict in the territory of GUAM, assistance to further spread and develop democratic processes in GUAM and co-operation in the military-political sector.

Question: How correct would it be to use the GUAM forces in the peacemaking operations in Georgia , Moldova and Azerbaijan ? What measures does an action plan, adopted in New York , envisage with respect to the expansion of international support to peaceable resolution of delayed conflicts in the territory of GUAM ?

Answer: It would be incorrect to formulate an answer in this way as though joint military and police forces GUAM are established for further use in the peacemaking operations in the conflict zones. As it was mentioned, the key task of the establishment of joint military and police divisions of GUAM is to participate in the international humanitarian and peacemaking operations, so as to acquire necessary experience and bring the GUAM contingent in line with international standards. Furthermore, should large-scale international peacemaking operations be carried out in the conflict zones and a relevant international organization issue a mandate, GUAM countries will be ready for it.

An action plan, adopted in New York on 25 September 2006, mainly envisages the conduct of intensive political consultations on different levels with respect to progress more effectively the peaceable resolution of conflicts.

Question: How will the GUAM Secretariat build its activities? What are the priorities ?

Answer: Activities of the GUAM Secretariat will be carried out in line with Rules on Secretariat and its personnel, signed by the GAUM Council of Foreign Ministers in Kiev and New York. An international staff of the Secretariat has been formed and the First Secretary-General has been elected. The primary task is the timely commencement of activities of the Secretariat as a structural unit of GUAM . We hope the Secretariat will assist in deepening and efficiently co-ordinating the co-operation within the framework of GUAM .

Major priorities of the Secretariat's activities come out from the above-mentioned priorities of co-operation with GUAM .

Question: What significance do you attach to the injection of an issue on armed conflicts in the territory of GUAM to 61 st UN General Assembly?

Answer: As per our deep convictions, the formulation of the issue at the 61 st session of the UN General Assembly is of great importance not only for GUAM member-states, but also for the world community. On the one hand, the issue becomes more actual, on the other it puts an accent on the importance of a peaceable resolution of conflicts in accordance with the international standards within the framework of territorial integrity and internationally recognized borders, which is a very important topic at the present time.

The resolution initiated by GUAM should be supported unconditionally by all countries whose endeavor is for peaceable and fair conflicts with the consideration of legal interests of the national minorities.

As for Russia 's reply, we suppose that text of the resolution is in line with the principles and norms of the international law and does not contradict their interests. We'd like to listen to more serious arguments, if there are. GUAM holds a consolidated position and we are ready for consultations.

Question: Representatives from GUAM countries stated on their will to deepening the co-operation with NATO and OSCE. How could this partnership benefit the security, stability and democracy?

Answer: GUAM member-states' will co-operate with NATO and the OSCE is fully natural. GUAM can become a fully regional organization, if it actively co-operates with the UN and the above-said organizations, taking into consideration their role, authority and experience. GUAM intends to become seriously involved in the international relationships system, especially in the context of formation of their new configuration in Europe . It is an ambitious task and its implementation will hardly be possible without co-operation from European organizations, including the Council of Europe.

Question: What preparations are done for the organization of a next GUAM Summit ?

Answer: As one knows, the next GUAM Summit will be held in Baku and Azerbaijan is mainly involved in the organization of the event. The rest of the GUAM countries will assist. In this respect, in March Kiev will host a meeting of the Expert Group and GUAM Council of National Co-ordinators, which will consider the preparations for the summit.