Rhys Ifans proposes to Sienna Miller

Society Materials 8 November 2007 12:55 (UTC +04:00)
Rhys Ifans proposes to Sienna Miller

(showbizspy.com) - Welsh actor Rhys Ifans has reportedly proposed to girlfriend, actress Sienna Miller - and did so with a cheesy poem he'd written himself.

According to Britain's Mirror newspaper, Ifans, 39, sang his poem, titled 'Marry This Misfit' - while playing his  guitar.

And, according to reports, the poem, Rhys' way of proposing to Sienna, contained the lyrics "I bleed for you" - went right over Sienna's head & she didn't even realize she was being asked for her hand in marriage!

A source told the Mirror: "After telling people about Rhys's strange proposal, Sienna's been very coy about what her answer was. She's been fudging the issue with mates and lots of people are starting to think that she may have even said yes."

"They sit for ages jotting down little poems and reading them to each other.

"Rhys fancies himself as a lyricist and jokily told Sienna to address him as 'bard' like Shakespeare. She thought he was taking the piss at first, but appreciates that he has a talent for poetry and is a bit of a word smith."

Rhys was left heartbroken after splitting from girlfriend Jess Morris in 2004 and really wants to make a go of things with Sienna.

The source added: "He's said repeatedly that he can't afford to lose a woman he loves twice.

"He hasn't had a serious girlfriend since Jess and this is only the second time he's been in love. He's also joked that it must be love as Sienna is the only girl he's been with who can handle her drink."

And, according to the Mirror, the happy couple have even discussed buying a cottage in Wales.

The source added: "They want to get out of the rat race for quiet weekends and think Wales is perfect."