Jennifer Lopez spends $600k on bodyguards for her babies

Society Materials 1 March 2008 10:14 (UTC +04:00)
Jennifer Lopez spends $600k on bodyguards for her babies

(showbizspy.com) - New mom Jennifer Lopez is so worried that her baby twins might be kidnapped - she is shelling out a whopping $600,000 hiring a team bodyguards to watch over them 24/7.

According to sources close to the Latino singer, Lopez - with the full support of husband Marc Anthony - beefed up her home security by hiring SIX bodyguards - at annual cost of $600k - two for each eight-hour shift around the clock.

Lopez has also reportedly installed closed-circuit cameras in every room in hers and Anthony's various homes.

"She's paranoid about a possible kidnapping," the source said.

Chicago Sun Times columnist Bill Zwecker writes: "Lopez also increasingly has become quite the 'germaphobe.'

"Dispensers containing a hygienic cleanser have been placed at the entrance to the babies' nursery and elsewhere around the house.

"People coming close to the children have been instructed to use those lotions every time they enter the kids' rooms."

Lopez, 38, has also been bulking buying surgical masks - to be worn by those coming in contact with the newborns.