Baku Consider Ungrounded Critical Statements by Bush on State of Press in Azerbaijan (video)

Society Materials 3 May 2008 14:48 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 3 May / Trend corr. G.Jabiyev / Baku considers J.W.Bush's critical statement on the state of press in Azerbaijan ungrounded.

"I believe that the statement by Bush on the state of press in Azerbaijan was developed on the basis of false information,' Ramiz Mehtiyev, Head of the Executive Presidential Administration, stated on 3 May.

President Bush delivered a speech on the honor of the International Day of Press annually marked on 3 May. Bush enumerated the name of countries, where the freedom of speech was violated seriously and for the first time called Azerbaijan.

Mehtiyev called not serious similar statements by Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State. "It turns that Georgia and Armenia have solved all the problems and only Azerbaijan is a slow country in the region," Mehtiyev said.

"According to Rice's logic the developments which took place in Armenia in February and March should take place in Azerbaijan as well and only then Rice will make positive statements about the country," Mehtiyev stated.

Mehtive added that such statements are connected with the upcoming presidential elections in Azerbaijan.

"Every time on the threshold of presidential elections different international organizations and foreign organizations want to exert certain pressure on Azerbaijan. Such policy has certain purpose. Azerbaijan has its own way. As for the approaching presidential elections in October 2008, I state that the elections will be fair and democratic. I believe that these elections will be more democratic than ever take place in Azerbaijan," Mehtiyev stated.

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