Rogge urges signing of WADA Code

Society Materials 6 August 2008 09:49 (UTC +04:00)

The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday formally gave its nod to the revised World Anti Doping Code and urged governments and sports federations to do the same, dpa reported.

The revised WADA Code was set up at a conference in Madrid last November and comes into effect on January 1. The IOC members passed it with a show of hands.

IOC president Jacques Rogge urged others to do the same after WADA boss John Fahey had adressed Olympians at the 120th IOC Session.

So far only only 87 countries have signed the UNESCO conventions that binds governments to the WADA Code. Not all sports federations are in compliance with the revised code either.

"I appeal to governments to accelerate the ratification of the UNESCO treaty. I call upon the national Olympic committees and international federations to be sure that we meet the deadline of compliance," Rogge said.

US President George W Bush signed it on Monday and ratification from Olympic committees and sports federations is required by November if they don't want to risk Olympic exclusion.

Looking at the Beijing Olympics starting on Friday, Fahey said that no one could guarantee clean Games but that the 4,500 planned tests should act as strong deterrent.

"We can be sure that anybody who dopes risks getting caught as the testing will be more frequent and significant than at any other Olympic Games," said Fahey.