Azerbaijan captures terrorists organising attempt on president's life, as well as terror attacks during Eurovision 2012 (UPDATE-4)

Azerbaijan captures terrorists organising attempt on president's life, as well as terror attacks during Eurovision 2012 (UPDATE-4)

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Azerbaijan, Baku, May 30 / Trend K.Zarbaliyeva /

Azerbaijani National Security Ministry detained an armed criminal group which planned an attempt on Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's life during his visit to the north-western region of the country, as well as sabotage and terror acts on the eve and during the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, the Ministry's Public Affairs Centre reported.

The aim of a dangerous transnational armed criminal group was to commit provocative terrorist acts, in individual groups on the eve and during the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, to organise explosions and armed attacks where massive loss of life would ensue, including in Hilton Baku and JW Marriot Hotel Absheron, as well as to commit major explosions in the Baku Crystal Hall gaining access through purchasing tickets by any means and at the National Flag Square.

As previously reported, the aim of the armed group that underwent special training and was equipped with various types of firearms, ammunition, explosives and devices, as well as other military devices, was to commit a series of terrorist attacks in several regions of Azerbaijan, to create chaos and anarchy in the country, fear and confusion among the public, to create resistance on the ethnic and religious grounds, to disrupt stability and damage the image of Azerbaijan in the international arena. To do this, it was planned to blow up a number of places of pilgrimage, considered sacred among the population, mosques and religious sites that are considered places of worship of other faiths, and to commit other dangerous actions. In addition, the group planned murder of law enforcement officials and attacks on office buildings in order to seize weapons and ammunition. It was also planned that armed groups related to this group would hide in the areas bordering on the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation and mountain forests, and places for temporary residence, bunkers and trenches would be prepared.

To neutralize this dangerous transnational criminal armed group, which poses a serious threat to social and political life of Azerbaijan, for timely suppression of terrorist actions the National Security Ministry has conducted large-scale special operations in Baku, Ganja, Sumgait, as well as in Gakh, Zagatala, Sheki, Gusar, Absheron, Khachmaz and Shabran regions. In some cases, armed resistance by members of the group was suppressed, in particular Vugar Padarov was killed and most of the members of the armed group were disarmed.

It should be noted that one of the main goals of dangerous transnational armed crime group in committing provocative terrorist acts, in individual groups on the eve and during the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was to organise explosions and armed attacks where massive loss of life would ensue. So in order not to create concern and not to cause fear among the public, including citizens of Azerbaijan and foreign guests, as well as for holding of such a prestigious international event at a high level and in a festive atmosphere, nothing was reported at that time about the cruel plans of this dangerous transnational crime.

But the operational situation was under serious control of the relevant bodies, the necessary intensive measures for security and protection were taken.

As a result of the anti-terrorist operations, continuing to neutralize the other members of this armed group, to suppress other planned criminal acts 22 members of the group were detained. During the anti-terrorist operation conducted in Nasimi district of Baku on May 16, 2012, a member of the armed group Azerbaijani citizen Ruslan Huseynov, not obeying to legal requirements of the Ministry's special purpose officials to surrender, opened fire. Timur Huseynov, who showed resistance and used force, posing a hazard to life and health of the authorities in the discharge of official duties, was killed. During the operation the Ministry's two officials received wounds of varying severity.

During the operation, one of the leaders of the group - Samir Saniyev, nicknamed 'Abu Ubeidah' to whom the international terrorist network gave the same powers with Vugar Padarov to commit terrorist acts in Azerbaijan, and who was given the title of "Emir", managed to escape. To catch him, the search operations were launched, all the relevant authorities were informed.

Saniyev while trying to leave Azerbaijan was arrested in Gazakh region by local police. He offered armed resistance and wounded a police officer. Saniyev was disarmed, a Stechkin pistol, 40 cartridges and two chargers were seized from him.

In addition to the features identified during the investigation of illegal activities of members of armed groups, new facts were established. It was found that in February 2011 Samir Saniyev along with Vugar Padarov and Elmir Nuraliyev participated in the meeting of 'Council of emirs of Dagestan' in the discussions about the conduct of jihad in Azerbaijan near the village of Kadar of Dagesta. Following the meeting 'Council of emirs' gave Vugar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev appropriate instructions and allocated a lot of money. 'Amir of the Dagestan Front' Ibrahimkhalil Daudov nicknamed "Saleh" appointed Vugar Padarov nicknamed "Bursa" as 'Emir' of a new armed group, and it was filmed on the phone of Padarov.

In July 2011 Vugar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev, illegally crossing with weapons the border of the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation towards the Gusar region, arrived in Azerbaijan. By a predetermined plan in Gusar region Vugar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev were met by a member of the group Amir Muradov and by his car took them to the city of Sumgait. Samir Saniyev went to Baku, Vugar Padarov, Elmir Nuraliyev and Amir Muradov went to the city of Zagatala.

It was revealed that in order to implement the plans of the international terrorist network to conduct a series of terrorist acts in Azerbaijan, to create panic among the population, ethnic and religious conflict, to disrupt the stability and damage the reputation of Azerbaijan Vugar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev were instructed to act both jointly, and individually.

On the basis of instructions Vugar Padarov and members of the armed group under his leadership were to make an attempt on the Azerbaijani President's life during his visit to the north-western region of the country, and to organize armed attacks on the buildings of law enforcement agencies, the murder of their employees in order to seize weapons and ammunition, and blow up a number of holy places, mosques and places of worship of other faiths.

Elnur Nuraliyev with Vugar Padarov to carry out terrorist acts in Baku had to gather the necessary intelligence information, find out the layout of a number of state organizations, their work schedule, number of personnel, determine the positions for snipers and other factors. Samir Saniyev, in turn, together with the armed group planned to carry out large-scale explosion in the areas of maximum concentrations of tourists, including at the Hilton Baku and JW Marriot Hotel Absheron and other hotels, as well as the Baku Crystal Hall, where the Eurovision 2012 song contest was to be held, and at the National Flag Square.

After committing these heinous acts of terrorism and creating atmosphere of chaos in the country members of the armed group had planned to take refuge in the mountain forests in the north of Azerbaijan in the previously prepared shelters. It was planned that members of the group would operate in conjunction with additional terrorist forces that were to come from Dagestan.

Samir Saniyev and people subordinate to him in order to create explosive devices purchased a large quantity of explosives, and Timur Huseynov and others conducted surveillance of persons against whom terrorist attacks were preparing. In addition, it was found that in order to commit terrorist acts Samir Saniyev bought the Nissan Pathfinder. According to him, pre-purchased explosives were to be laid down in this car, as well as vehicles belonging to other members of the group, after which the cars had to be parked on the main square of Baku, in parking lots of Hilton Baku and JW Marriot Hotel Absheron, and others, which are symbols of the dynamic development of Azerbaijan. At the same time, Timur Huseynov had to buy a ticket to the final of Eurovision 2012 international song contest, to penetrate into the Baku Crystal Hall, and blow up there specially prepared explosive device, known among specialists as a "shock bomb", leading to a mass panic and stampede, which would ensue victims among the audience. At the same time explosive devices planted in cars parked in front of hotels should have triggered and made ​​ explosions were to be accompanied by great destruction. In addition, in the yard of a house near the National Flag square in the Bail township it was planned to blow up another car packed with explosives. However, as a result of counter-terrorism measures, as well as the professionalism of law enforcement personnel, explosions, terrorist and subversive activities, which could cause massive loss of lives, were prevented timely and in decisive manner, the authority of Azerbaijan as a stable and secure country was preserved.

The ministry has so far detained 40 members of the armed criminal terrorist group, in general, 13 submachine guns, one RPK automatic rifle, 12 handguns of various types, three carbines, 3,424 cartridge of various calibers, 66 clips for automatic weapons and pistols, 23 RGD-5 hand grenades, 26 F-1 grenades and three RG-42 " hand grenades, a large number of fuses for them, a variety of specially made explosive devices, over 2,352 grams of explosive plastids, as well as two 10-liter tanks, which held about 20 kilograms of explosives, 675 grams of TNT blocks, electric detonators for 19 bombs, 19 detonators and caps, 48 Kenwood portable radio transmitters, other ammunition and items prohibited by law, the various edged weapons, as well as literature that promotes terrorism and jihad, whose use was are planned during the terrorist-subversive actions were seized from the members of the armed group.

In addition, one explosive device, which is a manufactured under special schemes, mostly inherent to international terrorism, a toy car with remote control, capable of destroying a living creature in a radius of 100 meters, within which explosives were placed - 438.2 grams of plastids, TNT per 200 and 75 grams, capsule, metal chips, designed for mass destruction were seized.

It should be noted that an explosive device seized from members of the group in a cylindrical shape as a normal bundle of newspaper impregnated with explosives, which can not be determined by conventional detectors and which do not arouse suspicion by its appearance, had a powerful destructive force that could cause many casualties, cause a great damage to human health, openly demonstrates the scale of the intent and purposes of the international terrorist network.

To investigate all the circumstances of the crime, determine other participants of criminal acts investigations and operational search measures continue.

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