BHOS is ideal university for engineering students in Azerbaijan - student

Society Materials 10 September 2018 11:19
BHOS is an ideal university for engineering students in Azerbaijan
BHOS is ideal university for engineering students in Azerbaijan - student

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sep. 10


BHOS is an ideal university for engineering students in Azerbaijan, Elgun Zamanli who earned 700 points at the entrance exams said.

– Elgun, please tell us about yourself.

– I was born in Jalilabad district in 2001. Since 2006, I have been living in Khirdalan town. I received my secondary education at the school №9, where I studied from 2007 through 2018.

– Whom would you thank for your success at the entrance exams?

– Of course, I want to thank my parents and all my schoolteachers who contributed so hard to my success.

– Why did you select the first group of specialties?

– My interest to technical disciplines and my dream to be an engineer led me to the first group of specialties.

– What disciplines do you like and why?

– I am keen on mathematics. I never get bored when I am dealing with math.

– Why did you decide to study at the Baku Higher Oil School rather than elsewhere?

– The Higher School is very different from other universities. The students receive all necessary support and care, and the graduates are provided with employment opportunities. I believe that BHOS is an ideal university for everyone who want to study engineering in Azerbaijan.

– What do you like doing in your leisure time?

– I like playing and watching football, so I am fond of everything related to football. I also like to play chess and spend time with my friends.

– What profession do you want to obtain at BHOS?

– I will be studying Information Security.

– Why have you chosen it?

– I was interested in Information Security, because this was a new specialty at BHOS, which was announced this year. Think it is one of the most promising spheres today. Everyone understands importance of information security in nowadays, so I decided to study it without any hesitation.

– Was it your own choice? Or did you follow any advices?

– Indeed, both my parents and my teachers advised me to choose this field of study. So, I took their advice and made my choice.

– What profession has the most promising future, in your view?

– We cannot imagine the modern world without computers. Thus, all professions related to information technologies have the most promising future including, for instance, computer engineer, information security specialist and process automation engineer.

– What do you plan to do after you graduate from the Higher School?

– After the graduation, I plan to do a Master’s degree. I can start a successful professional career only after I gain deep theoretical knowledge in my field of expertise.

– Where would you like to work and at what position?

– Actually, I will not be able to answer right now.

– What does someone need to succeed?

– Most people have everything they need to obtain success. But only self-confident and hard-working people can reach it.

– Does success entirely depend on a person? Or is it just a result of sheer luck?

– Think this is a combination of both. Success depends on both someone’s efforts and luck.

– What is friendship for you? How do you choose friends?

– For me, friends are like brothers. I do not have many friends. I make friends with those people whom I like and consider close to me.

– What would you advise prospective students?

– I would advise future prospective students to be self-confident and believe in their success. Then they can achieve any goals they want.