UNEC student: Education systems of each university have their own advantages (Interview) (PHOTO)

Society Materials 28 March 2019 11:02 (UTC +04:00)
Another participant of the project “UNEC to the World” is Ibrahim Babayev, a student of International School of Economics at UNEC
UNEC student: Education systems of each university have their own advantages (Interview) (PHOTO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 28


Another participant of the project “UNEC to the World” is Ibrahim Babayev, a student of International School of Economics at UNEC. Ibrahim Babayev studied at Selcuk University in Turkey on Mevlana exchange program. UNEC NEWS presents an interview with him:

- We would like to know why you chose Selcuk University in Turkey?

-I had the chance to study at several universities on exchange program. I did a research and learned that Selcuk University is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Turkey giving education on different directions with 21 faculties. That's why I stopped at Selcuk University for my exchange. Together with me two UNEC students chose this university, too and we studied at Selcuk University for an autumn term.

-What are the similarities and differences between the education of Selcuk University and UNEC?

- There are great differences in teaching methods and exam systems. The students don’t have to make an independent work and get a mark during a term. In general, each lesson is held at Selcuk University once a week in a lecture format, and there is no concept to be a seminar. Assessment is based on two exams (vises and final) held during the term. Holding of the exams by the written or test method depends on the teacher and before the exams the questions are not given to the students. In addition, there is no need for students to attend classes. Although the differences in the teaching system are new to me, I think that both universities have their own advantages. If you do a variety of research at UNEC annually and are actively involved in the lessons, you will spend the term more peculiar to the term of exam at Selcuk University.

-Did you have any difficulties at the lessons and examinations?

-Although I had some difficulties in adapting for the first time, I got used to it guickly. But in general I did not have any difficulties. Whenever there were difficulties in the lessons, the teachers helped us.

- What methodology did teachers have? What do they mostly prefer in the lectures?

-Teachers teach the lessons interesting and diverse. What is new to me in the teaching is that teachers sometimes touch upon other topics, in addition to information provided in the book. It is therefore essential for students to make their own notes in lectures. In lectures, teachers are trying to explain the lesson to students in a simple way. They hold lectures far out of the hard-to-understand terms.

- How did you give your exams?

-I successfully completed all the exams. The method of examination differs from the teacher to the teacher. Although many teachers at the university preferred to take test exams, there are also those who had written examinations.

-How would you like the exams?

-Although the test method seems to be comfortable for students, I think writing exams is more beneficial for the students to master the lessons easily and to express their opinions properly. Exams are held in written form in International School of Economics where I have been trained and I think that this is one of the key factors that affect the students being more competent in our faculty.

-What did you like most of all at Selcuk University?

-I mostly liked that Selchuk University has a great campus far from the city's bustling center and one of the most enjoyable conditions for students at that campus. The campus is equipped with student dormitories, cafeterias, 24-hour library, entertainment, and everything else. At present, the UNEC has 24/7 libraries with access to the library of the world's leading universities and access to electronic resources.

-What would you like to change in the university?

-- Cancellation of the attendance.

-How is the relationship with students established?

-- Students from Turkey and different countries of the world are studying at Selcuk University. We had very good relations with both foreign and Turkish students. Especially Turkish students helped us with the difficulties at the university.

- How do you spend your free time?

- We spent weekly leisure time at entertainment venues on campus. At the end of the week, we traveled to Konya, sometimes to other cities in Turkey, with students on exchange program from other countries.

-Each student has certain goals for the future. What big project would you like to make in the future?

- My future plan is my personal business. But I have not decided exactly on what area or what kind of business, because I have a lot of plans and these plans often change.

- Your recommendations to students…

- I recommend every student to take part in the exchange program. By participating in the exchange program, you recognize people from different cultures, different countries, and at the same time expand your knowledge with different education systems.