Azerbaijan's agricultural sector broadened application of modern technologies

Society Materials 27 August 2020 14:35 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan's agricultural sector broadened application of modern technologies

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Aug. 27

By Samir Ali – Trend:

The introduction of innovative technologies in the agricultural sector of Azerbaijan has led to positive changes, Deputy Director of the Center for Agrarian Science and Innovation under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture Akbar Abbasov told Trend.

According to Abbasov, several factors make it necessary to introduce innovative technologies into the agricultural sector.

"Global warming, decreasing precipitation, along with frequent floods, already make use of modern technologies in agriculture essential. As you know, this year the country is experiencing a drought, which poses new challenges, for example, in crop production,” he said.

“It should be noted that the primary way to achieve high yields in crop production, is the use of advanced technologies. Their application is extremely important in various ways, from soil preparation to planting seeds, as well as the use of special encapsulated seeds in planting. This technology protects seeds from pests and also provides moisture during sowing so that seeds can germinate even in dry conditions," he also noted.

“Additionally, machine units that can perform several sequential operations during the sowing process, were imported. Presently, cotton is grown in Azerbaijan by Chinese technology. The process uses innovative devices that simultaneously plow the soil and plant the seeds. Thanks to this, you can save time as well as finances. The method contributes to high yields,” Abbasov stressed.

The deputy director said that modern technologies are also used in the care of plants and their cultivation.

“For example, it’s about the use of modern cultivators. The innovative technologies are also used in pest control. Along with this, we began to use drones in sowing. For example, to detect diseases in grain and cotton fields, we use drones instead of large-sized equipment. That is, we don’t physically harm the fields by machinery, which has a positive effect on the yield," he emphasized.

The deputy director said that at the present stage, one of the main priority areas in agriculture is irrigation.

"Currently, we prefer an underground drip irrigation system. Some plant species exist that feed mainly on roots. Also, the evaporation rate of the underground irrigation system is lower, which saves more water," he noted.

“Furthermore, a rain irrigation system is used in large areas. The research of international practice in this area is currently underway. As soon as new technologies appear in the world, we begin to apply them in Azerbaijan," Abbasov pointed out.

He added that thanks to the use of modern combines, in particular when harvesting grain, yields in mountainous areas increased, where harvesting is almost impossible. These combines harvested grain in mountainous areas with difficult terrain. Also, modern combines were used in the harvesting of cotton and other crops.

“In general, the application of innovative technologies in agriculture covers both the public and private sectors. Our goal is to increase the average yield in the country," the deputy director summed up.