SSL certificate

Society Materials 18 June 2021 15:30 (UTC +04:00)
SSL certificate

Need an SSL certificate?

It's hard to believe, but the truth is that every click on the Internet is an exchange of information. When you open your favorite website, search for a video on YouTube, or upload a photo to Instagram, information is exchanged between your browser and your server. This exchange is possible thanks to the HTTP protocol. HTTP has one drawback, which is that the data is not encrypted. For this reason, your personal information (bank card number, passport information, etc.) can be easily stolen by a third party.

Nowadays, data protection is very important. Therefore, the HTTPS protocol is used to ensure the security of our data. As of July 2018, Google considers websites that do not use the HTTPS protocol to be invalid. This protocol will soon become an important condition of the "ecology" of the Internet.

You will need an SSL certificate for your site to work with the secure HTTPS protocol. This is a virtual document that contains information about the owner of the site.

What does an SSL certificate provide in addition to protecting website data?

An SSL certificate helps your project development in terms of SEO. So, it allows you to take a higher position in search results.

There are 3 types of SSL certificates according to the level of verification:

1. Domain Validation with Domain Verification

In this type of SSL, only who owns the domain is checked. This type can be used by both individuals and legal entities. Once a secure connection to the site is established, a characteristic "lock" will appear in the address bar of the browser, indicating that the data is protected.

2. Business class certificates for company inspection OV (Organization Validation) or CV (Company Validation)

When such an SSL certificate is issued, the physical and legal existence of the domain is checked, as well as the ownership of the domain. This type is for legal entities only. Clicking on the lock in the address bar will display information about the company.

3. Extended Validation Certificate EV (Extended Validation)

This certificate can be used only by legal entities, for which documents must be submitted to the certification center. This time, along with the existence of the company, its legal activities are also checked. The address bar of the site will contain the certification stamp of the certification center and information about the company.

How to get an SSL certificate?

To get a certificate, you must contact the companies that issued it. There are many types of SSL certificates available on the Hostimul website. Get your certificate from Hostimul and make sure your site is safe.