Azerbaijan reduces quarantine period for COVID-19 patients (UPDATE)

Society 22 January 2022 12:30 (UTC +04:00)

Details added: first version posted on 10:16

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan. 22


The quarantine period for coronavirus patients in Azerbaijan has been reduced from 14 to 7 days, Trend reports citing the joint statement of the Health Ministry, the Compulsory Health Insurance Agency and the Association for the Management of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB).

"Recently, the omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been spreading around the world. The World Health Organization is calling on countries to review their measures to combat coronavirus,” the statement said. “In this regard, changes are being made to the testing strategy, quarantine periods, the process of monitoring patients and methods treatment taking into account the characteristics of the new strain.”

“Taking into account international experience and the results of studies, the period of isolation (quarantine) for persons with a positive PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 and persons with whom they were in close contact will be reduced from 14 to 7 days from January 24, 2022,” the statement noted.

According to the statement, given the genetic characteristics of the mutation of the omicron strain of the coronavirus, citizens must observe the following instructions of health authorities to reduce the risk of infection:

- wear a mask;

- wash hands often or use antiseptics;

- keep physical distance;

- avoid crowded places;

- get vaccinated.

Persons infected with coronavirus should:

- isolate from family members as much as possible;

- often air the room;

- measure their body temperature twice a day;

- drink much water;

- observe bed rest;

- use antipyretics with an increase in body temperature (38 degrees and above);

- inform their family doctor (pediatrician, therapist) in case of high temperature (more than 38.5 degrees), which doesn’t decrease after taking antipyretic drugs for more than 5 days;

- avoid taking antibiotics, antiviral, hormonal, immunostimulating drugs and intravenous infusions at home;

- not to take medicines on the advice of a neighbor, relative or acquaintance;

"We must keep in mind that vaccination remains the most effective means to fight any mutation of the virus. We call on citizens to get a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine," the statement emphasized.