Azerbaijani Karabakh University teachers' salaries to exceed average - minister

Society Materials 14 June 2024 12:56 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani Karabakh University teachers' salaries to exceed average -  minister
Ingilab Mammadov
Ingilab Mammadov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 14. Karabakh University in Azerbaijan will pay its teachers more than the national average each month, Azerbaijani Minister of Science and Education Emin Amrullayev told reporters in Baku today, Trend reports.

“This year marks the inaugural academic year at the university, and while we may encounter a few hiccups along the way, we are determined to collectively establish and strengthen Karabakh University. The university primarily focuses on providing advantages for students.

Teachers will receive housing and salaries that comply with university norms. There will be an influx of qualified educators to the university,” the minister explained.

To note, Karabakh has a longstanding tradition of higher education. In 1969, the region saw the founding of its first higher education institution, a branch of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. This institution operated as a higher education facility from 1973 to 1988. During the Armenian occupation period, its activities were halted.

As a result of local anti-terror measures carried out by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in September 2023, Azerbaijan liberated the city of Khankendi.

Then, Karabakh University was established by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on November 28, 2023. Classes at the newly established university are scheduled to start on September 15, 2024. The Charter of Karabakh University was endorsed by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on February 6, 2024. Furthermore, on February 15, 2024, the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan received an allocation of 10 million manat ($5.9 million) from the President's reserve fund, ordered by President Ilham Aliyev, for the establishment of Karabakh University.

Shahin Bayramov was appointed rector of Karabakh University on May 20 of this year. According to his decision, Kaklik Gozalova was appointed dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Elmar Mustafayev - dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Turkar Gasimzade - dean of the Faculty of Arts.

The university schedules study at the bachelor's level in six faculties: pedagogy, economics, humanities and social sciences, engineering, art, and tourism.

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