First day of "Forecasting healthy futures" global summit wraps up in Baku (PHOTO)

Society Materials 18 June 2024 18:00 (UTC +04:00)
First day of "Forecasting healthy futures" global summit wraps up in Baku (PHOTO)
Elchin Mehdiyev
Elchin Mehdiyev
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 18. The first day of the annual global summit, themed "Forecasting healthy futures," held ahead of COP, has wrapped up in Baku, and it will continue its work tomorrow, Trend reports.

Addressing the participants, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted that WHO works closely with Azerbaijan and welcomes the inclusion of health in COP29. "We can only effectively combat climate change through joint action," he added.

Deputy Foreign Minister Yalchin Rafiyev pointed out that climate change has a serious impact on people's health. "The consequences of climate change are increasing. We must strive for a more sustainable future".

He also noted that Azerbaijan will complete all COP29-related work on time. "It's too early to predict how many countries will participate in COP29," he added.

COP28 Chairman Majid Al Suwaidi said in his video message that countries must work together and show solidarity to tackle climate change. He also highlighted the importance of financing in the health sector.

Managing Director of Forecasting Healthy Futures organization Kelly Willis told that UN member countries must fulfill their commitments to combat climate change.

According to her, joint steps must be taken and investments must be allocated in the area related to the prevention of climate change.

Willis pointed out that today, over three billion people in the world suffer from the consequences of climate change.

“Climate change negatively affects all industries,” she added.

To note, the global summit themed "Forecasting healthy futures," held annually ahead of COP, took place in Baku.

The summit aims to support the preservation and expansion of achievements in healthcare in the context of climate change, with a focus on the most vulnerable communities worldwide.

The event will gather global leaders in healthcare, climate, and development and will build on the success of the summit held in Abu Dhabi as part of COP28.

"Health Day" was officially declared at the summit in Abu Dhabi as an integral part of the COP28 agenda.

This year, the summit will discuss the latest trends and challenges faced by the healthcare and development sectors in Azerbaijan and the region.

This November, Azerbaijan will host COP29. This decision was made at the COP28 plenary meeting held in Dubai on December 11 last year. Baku will become the center of the world and will receive about 70–80,000 foreign guests.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an agreement signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system. The COP—the Conference of the Parties—is the highest legislative body overseeing the implementation of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. There are 198 countries that are parties to the Convention. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the COP is held annually. The first COP event took place in March 1995 in Berlin, and its secretariat is located in Bonn.

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