KLO: We should not commit Ramil Safarov's fate to Hungarian courts

Society Materials 15 April 2006 14:15 (UTC +04:00)

After all that happened we should not leave Ramil Safarovs fate to the mercy of Hungarian courts, Trend reports with reference words said by Akif Nagi, head of Committee for protection of R.Safarovs rights, at the conference held April 15.

He said Budapest court had issued a very unjust and severe sentence on Azeri officer Ramil Safarov. This witnesses the lack of justice in Hungary. В"Alongside the shame on Hungarian authorities and courts, this case has demonstrated their dependence on Armenian lobby. It doesnt make sense to appeal to the higher legal instances of this countryВ", - Mr Nagi said.

He said also the first injustice was trying R.Safarovs case not in military tribunal but in a civil court. В"Taking all this in consideration we think Azerbaijans government should do its best to return R.Safarov home. Each day of his stay in hungry is a threat to his life. Moreover, here is no necessity to try his case in other legal instances of Hungary as it should be done in NATOs military tribunal or somewhere in neutral European country. We do not trust Hungarian courtsВ", - Mr Nagi outlined..