Azadlig Newspaper Will not Move to Azerbaijan Printing House Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper

Society Materials 27 November 2006 15:05 (UTC +04:00)

I consider that Azadlig newspaper will not move to Azerbaijan Printing House. We will find other office. We should discuss this issue with the representatives of the editorial office, the Editor-in-Chief of Azadlig newspaper, Ganimat Zahid, who left the hospital, informed Trend.

It should be mentioned that the Editor-in-Chief of Azadlig newspaper, Ganimat Zahid stayed in the reanimation due to the poor health in relation with a 14-day hunger-strike to oppose the relocation of the newspaper from the building of their editorial office. For 3 days, Zahidov was kept in the reanimation and on November 27, he was released from hospital. I stopped the hunger strike after I left the hospital and I consider that it is not necessary to continue the hunger strike after what happened. When I started the hunger strike we had several purposes. Despite this, the question was not resolved as we wanted, but I achieved my goals. Local and international community attentively watched our illegal replacement. We did all the best, Zahidov said.

According to him, a room has been allocated for Azadlig newspaper in the editorial office of Yeni Musavat newspaper and the employees of the newspaper work there. The equipment of the newspaper is located in the warehouse of Azerbaijan Printing House. Azadlig newspaper refuses to be located in Azerbaijan Printing House.

Zahidov said that he will not for a week because his treatment will continue at home.