Ten things you didn’t know about…the Spice Girls

Society Materials 8 August 2007 18:29 (UTC +04:00)
Ten things you didn’t know about…the Spice Girls

(showbizspy.com) - We have been watching 'The Spice Girls' for more than 10 years, since their first hit, 'Wanabee', and while there has been rumors, never has the truth really been out about the five-some group.

Showbiz Spy exclusively brings you secrets, trivia and useless but funny information about the female group which changed pop forever.

So, we've got 10 juicy facts for you, 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Spice Girls!

1. When Nelson Mandela met the Girls, he called them his "heroes" and that it was "one of the greatest moments in my life."

Really, he must have not had many great moments in his life, or maybe they gave him something he had wanted all along, if you get what I'm on about.

2. The girl's music is influenced by Madonna.

So they are lesbians?

3. When Ginger met Prince Charles, she pinched him on his bum.

Watch out Camilla?

4. Geri Halliwell was originally labeled Sexy Spice but was renamed to Ginger Spice to present an image more suitable for younger children.

Do you think it was necessary anyway? She is the opposite to sexy! She's a ginger!

5. Melanie C sees herself as the "plain one" of the group. She also says that the girls are "not beautiful, and that is something we're proud of."

The only one who speaks sense, despite being a Scouser. The rest are far from beautiful, I would compare with a chemical explosion in a make up factory.

6. While Emma looks totally sweet, defenseless, and innocent, she was the one who could cause the most trouble. And she is far from defenseless; she has a blue belt in Goju and taught the others the karate kicks in the video for "Say You'll Be There." As Melanie B puts it, "She gets away with murder."

...No really, murder. Ever wondered why Geri left the band? Surely it was coincidence? IT WASN'T THE REAL GERI!

7. Mel B could be he wildest and raunchiest of the Girls.

Stating the bleeding obvious if ever I've heard it.

8. Spice Girl Geri Halliwell posed in the same paper, Page Three" that Samantha Fox posed in.

Common sh*t

9. Victoria says that even though she is the "Posh" one, she is far from posh. But she says that she does love to shop.

Sorry, when did she say this? Or was this a different Victoria?

10. In a Rolling Stone readers' poll in 2007, the Spice Girls' Wannabe was ranked at #8 for the most annoying songs.

It was sure annoying, but it was sure catchy!