Baku Metro puts new train into operation (PHOTO)

Economy Materials 17 February 2023 13:18 (UTC +04:00)
Samir Ali
Samir Ali
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 17. The last of the four new trains delivered to Azerbaijan at the end of 2022 has been put into operation after testing, Baku Metro told Trend.

Currently, the number of active new-generation trains has increased to 23, and the number of railcars - to 115.

The trains, consisting of five railcars, are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications of Baku Metro CJSC at the Russian company Metrovagonmash, which is part of Transmashholding JSC. The new line's train model 81-765 B./81-766 B, like the previous trains, is equipped with a microclimate control system. As a component of this system, the air conditioning system was developed considering the climatic conditions of Baku.

A direct transition from railcar to railcar provides not only an even distribution of passengers throughout the train but also an increase in passenger traffic. The first and last railcars are designed for 315 passengers, and the middle ones are for 329. This means that the train's passenger capacity is 1,617 passengers. Furthermore, the first and last railcars have seats for 38 people, while the middle ones have seats for 44 people.

Furthermore, there are places for wheelchairs, as well as multifunctional zones for various loads in the first and last railcars. As experience shows, wider doors provide more comfortable and faster boarding and disembarking of passengers, thereby significantly reducing the departure of these trains at stations that are overcrowded.

The new train serves passengers in the direction of "Hazi Aslanov-Darnagul". Out of 23 new generation trains, 3 run on the route "Icherisheher-Hazi Aslanov", and 20 trains run on the route "Darnagul-Hazi Aslanov".

In general, the commissioning of trains that were received by the Baku Metro since 2015 was in the following sequence:


Railcars (Trains)


15 railcars (3 trains)


10 railcars (2 trains)


30 railcars (6 trains)


20 railcars (4 trains)


20 railcars (4 trains)


20 railcars (4 trains)


115 railcars (23 trains)