Azerbaijan proceeds with construction of Aghdam-Fuzuli highway at accelerated pace (VIDEO)

Economy Materials 28 August 2023 12:12 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan proceeds with construction of Aghdam-Fuzuli highway at accelerated pace (VIDEO)
Farid Zohrabov
Farid Zohrabov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 28. The construction of the Aghdam-Fuzuli highway, the foundation of which was laid during the trip of President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva to Fuzuli district on October 17, 2021, continues at an accelerated pace, the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads told Trend.

"This road is one of the projects being implemented on the territory of the Karabakh and East Zangezur economic districts and will play an important role in the socio-economic development of the districts and villages liberated from occupation," said the agency.

According to the agency, the length of the road with four lanes is 64.8 km, the width of the carriageway is 15 meters, the width of the roadsides is 3.75 meters in each direction, the width of the dividing strip is four meters, and the width of the roadway is 26.5 meters.

At present, work is continuing on the road to remove unsuitable soil, widen the road surface, construct a new roadbed and road base, a 380-meter-long retaining wall, construct culverts of various sizes, water drains, and reserve crossings for underground and communication lines.

On the 0–32.4 km section of the road, the project has completed the construction of nine reserve crossings and 17 culverts. In addition, vegetation removal work was 68 percent complete, drilling work was 61 percent complete, and roadbed construction was 32 percent complete. Also completed were eight rectangular and 17 round water pipes, one traffic crossing, and one pedestrian crossing. Construction work is continuing on three bridges and other areas. The physical progress on this section (0–32.4 km) of the road is 16 percent.

At 32–64 km of the road section, excavation works have been completed, and now works on leveling and construction of the bottom layer of the road base are underway. In this part, 4 crossings, 11 communication pipes, and 25 culverts of various diameters have been constructed.

The construction of bridge piers on this section is nearing completion. Earthworks on the mentioned section are 56 percent complete, construction of artificial structures is 50 percent complete, and the roadbed is 11 percent complete. In general, the construction work has been completed by 22 percent.

Construction of five highway bridges is underway on the projected sections of 1, 6, 12, 37, and 63 km of the road. The construction of piles and piers continues on the bridges.

Construction works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of "Construction norms and rules". The necessary number of forces have been attracted to the territory to complete the construction in accordance with the schedule.

The Aghdam-Fuzuli-Fuzuliy, which is a continuation of the Barda-Aghdam highway, passes through the territory of Aghdam, Agjabadi, and Fuzuli districts.

The construction of the road will provide comfortable movement from Barda to Aghdam and Fuzuli, as well as in the opposite direction.