Georgia & Azerbaijan Outlining Cooperation up to 2018

Business Materials 1 October 2007 12:23

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr I. Khalilova / The Azerbaijani and Georgian Governments intend to outline their long-term economic cooperation direction up to 2018. A program is being developed and preparation for implementation of the program is in progress, according to the Azerbaijani Government. Government states that the two countries have the potential to extend supplied goods nomenclature, to stimulate cooperation in small and medium sized business, to attract investors to implementation of mutually beneficial projects and to consolidate direct bonds between economic facilities.

The establishment of methods to export agricultural products manufactured in Azerbaijan and Georgia to foreign markets is being planned. In addition, the establishment of joint agricultural-industrial complexes and light industry enterprises is being considered. Joint ventures for the production of juices and dairy products are being planned in Georgia's Dmanisi and Sagareji regions, wine producing JVs in the region of Bolnisi and carpet and weaving plants in Marneuli, Gardabani and other regions are being planned. A nitric fertilizer market is being planned in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani enterprises are taking an active part in the Tbilisi market. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) has opened an office in Tbilisi for investments in the Kulevi oil terminal. A subsidiary of the International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia has been established, and Azerbaijan's company EMBAWOOD has started manufacturing furniture in Georgia.

There are 76 enterprises and organizations with Georgian capital registered in Azerbaijan, 42 of them being joint enterprises or organizations, nine having 100% Georgian capital, and 25 being representative offices or branches.

Between January and August, 2007, the volume of goods turnover between the countries made up $301.6mln, which is by 46.6% more than in the same period of 2006. Supplies from Azerbaijan to Georgia rose by 147.6% to $253.7mln and from Georgia to Azerbaijan by 141.7% to $47.9mln.