Azerbaijani–Turkish–American Business Forum to Occur in Washington

Business Materials 3 October 2007 16:47

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr Trend A. Badalaeva / The Azerbaijani-Turkish-American business forum will be held in Washington DC on 7 November for the first time with organizational support from the Azerbaijani-Turkish Business Union (ATIB) and the Azerbaijani Fund for Export and Investments Promotion (AZPROMO).

According to Ahmet Erentok, Chairman of the ATIB Managing Board, his organization, along with AZPROMO, is jointly developing nearly fifteen projects, which will be presented in Washington. The projects are to promote investments into Azerbaijan's non-oil sectors.

The conference to be held on 6 - 8 November will focus on Azerbaijani-Turkish-American relations in Eurasian geopolitics. Meetings will be held in the spheres of finance, equipment, and technology.

According to Erentok, before Moscow will host a conference on 16 October, which will focus on economics in Eurasian geopolitics, specifically the role of business organizations and associations in the development of economy. A meeting of Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas is also scheduled.

The issues of the four spheres: the agriculture and food industry, the service sector (tourism, health, and education), the financial and banking sector, and communications and information technology, will be discussed at the forums in Moscow and Washington.

The ATIB members are expected to grow from sixteen to twenty-six by the end of 2008. Integration among countries, removing barriers, assisting economic development, and mutual investments between countries are the primary purposes of the organization.