Azerbaijan-Uzbekistan Turnover Up 17%

Business Materials 8 November 2008 14:39 (UTC +04:00)

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 8 November / Trend corr. T.Zhukov/ Turnover between Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan increased by 17.1% over nine months, according to Trend 's Tashkent-based correspondent. Azerbaijan provided 0.4% of the total turnover, State Statistics Committee said.

In January to September 2008, Uzbekistan's foreign trade turnover totalled $15.732bln, up 40.9% than in the same period of 2007. Export totalled $10.1bln, up 62.9% than last year. Import increased by 13.5% to $5.634bln. Black ink of foreign trade operations totalled $4.462bln.

The percentage of energy carriers and oil products increased dramatically (by 71.8%) in the total amount of Uzbekistan's export. Their percentage totalled 21.7% in the export over nine months (20.6% more than over the same period of 2007). Percentage of ginned cotton in export totalled 9.6% (12.4% over nine months of 2007).

Machines and other manufacturing equipment prevail in the import of Uzbekistan - 49.7% (45.8% over nine months of 2007). The percentage of chemical production import totalled 12.9% (14.4% over nine months of 2007). Percentage of foodstuffs comprised 7.9% (7.8% over nine months of 2007). According to the State Statistics Committee, import of manufacturing equipment and oil products increased most of all - 23.3% and 24.2% respectively over the nine months of 2008.

Uzbekistan's key trade partners in that period were Russia (19.1% in total trade turnover), Ukraine (7.3%), Kazakhstan (6.8%), China (5.7%) and South Korea (4.7%). The largest increase of turnover was with Afghanistan (63.4%), Kyrgyzstan (55.6%), China (51.2%) and Ukraine (46.7%).

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