Uzbekistan establishes purchasing prices for grain crops

Business Materials 5 June 2014 14:32 (UTC +04:00)

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, June 4

By Demir Azizov - Trend:

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan has estimated and approved purchasing prices for the grain crops for 2014, delivered for the state needs.

According to the documents, purchasing price for one tonne of first, second and third classes of hard wheat containing gluten not less than 28 to 22 percent, will be 685,84 thousand soms, 604,88 thousand soms, and 500,3 thousand sums respectively.

The price for one tonne of hard wheat of fourth class containing gluten not less than 18 percent will be increased by 31,5 percent to 380 thousand soms.

Purchasing price for soft sort wheat will also be increased. A tonne of wheat for the first-fourth class containing gluten from 32 to 18 percent will be from 571 to 373.96 thousand soms respectively.

Purchasing price for soft and hard wheat sorts, containing unlimited gluten, will be 345,76 sums. This is more than 10 percent than an year ago.

Purchasing price for first-third classes of rye and triticale will be 397,1 thousand soms, 334.4 for the fourth class.

Purchasing price for oat will be from 584,79 thousand sums to 327,91 thousand sums per tonne, depending on the class.

Prices for malting barley have also been put at 520,88 thousand soms (per tonne), for the first class barley 409,48 thousand soms and 327,91 thousand soms for the second class barley.

Price for these crops have also been increased by 10 percent from the last year.

There are 30 million people in Uzbekistan and internal need of food wheat is more than 4 million tonnes, and five millions if taking food supply into account. Hard sorts of wheat, which are necessary for bread baking, pastry and macaroni production aren't grown in Uzbekistan because of the climatic conditions.