Turkmenistan has great potential for alternative energy development - ADB

Business Materials 19 March 2018 18:44 (UTC +04:00)

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, March 19

By Huseyn Hasanov – Trend:

Turkmenistan has great prospects for the alternative energy development, the "Oil and Gas Complex" said in a message on March 19.

This was announced by the senior specialist of the Energy Department of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Soheil Hasni, who believes that it is possible to build the most profitable solar farms in Turkmenistan for power generation for export.

"I myself was in Mary, Balkanabat and I know that there is a huge scope for solar power stations, so Turkmenistan has a great potential in this area," the expert said.

The use of electric vehicles operating on renewable sources of electricity is also very promising for Turkmenistan. The country is also very rich in high-quality silicon, which can be used for production of efficient solar panels.

Previously, it was reported that within the framework of the energy saving program developed in Turkmenistan for 2018-2024, a focus will be made on the construction of solar power plants.

Turkmenistan is rich in solar energy and desert sand, composed of silicon.

Earlier it was reported that Turkmenistan intends to export silicon, which is the basic chemical element for the production of equipment to get environmentally friendly electricity, to the world markets.

Local scientists talk about the possibilities of using solar energy in motor transport enterprises, economic efficiency of using renewable energy sources, the development of automation systems for alternative energy sources, the possibilities of obtaining thermal energy from the used deep wells.

The first sample of Karakum silica quartz sand has been recently obtained in the country’s Academy of Sciences by using solar energy. An autonomous solar-wind complex, capable of providing pasture lands with water and energy in desert conditions for a year, was also developed there.

The length of sunny days reaches 16 hours in Turkmenistan in July. The energy of the sun rays falling on one square meter is 800 watts. There are approximately 300 sunny days in a year, and the duration of sunny days reaches 2500- 3000 hours a year.