Iran taking measures to circumvent fuel sanctions against its aircraft

Business Materials 18 November 2018 13:15 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, Nov.18


The reduction in Forex currency rate in Iran will not effect on airline ticket prices in short-run, Secretary of the Association of Iranian Airlines (AIRA) Maghsoud Asadi Samani told ILNA referring to the value of foreign exchange currencies which have dropped during last week.

“If the dollar rate fluctuation continues, this reduction cannot affect the price of the airline ticket,” he said.

Although some countries refuse to refuel Iranian aircrafts, the Iran Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) and Iranian airlines have taken measures to circumvent the fuel sanctions, he said referring to the refusal of some oil companies to fuel Iranian airplanes in Turkey and Lebanon.

No flights or routes were cancelled due to lack of fuel for Iranian aircraft, he said.

Some Iranian airliners were not allowed to be refueled in Turkey’s Istanbul airports and had to cancel at least one flight, while other carriers had to cut the number of passengers on board in order to fly on less fuel.

International oil companies operating at Beirut’s airport have also warned against fueling airlines that are affected by the recent US sanctions against Iran.