Prices for electricity drop in Kazakhstan

Business Materials 22 April 2019 17:24 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 22


Electricity tariffs have decreased in Kazakhstan by more than 8 percent, Trend reports citing energyprom.kz.

Within a year, electricity retail prices across Kazakhstan have reduced for those Kazakhs who do not use electric stoves as well as for those who do.

For instance, a cost per 100 kWh for those who do not use an electric stove added up to be: 1 113 tenge (that is 8,4 percent less than in march 2018) for the level-1 consumption, 1 458 tenge (-6,7 percent) for the level-2 consumption, 1 800 tenge (-5,4 percent) for the level-3 consumption. At the same time, those who do use an electric stove paid 1 110 tenge for 100 kWh if they are of the level-1 consumption (-8,7 percent), 1458 tenge if they are of level-2 consumption (-6,9 percent) and 1800 tenge if they are of level-3 consumption (-5,4 percent).

According to the Statistics Committee of Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the electricity production in January and February of 2019 reached 21.1 billion kWh, that is 4.6 percent less than during the same period in the previous year. Speaking plainly, production, transmission and distribution added up to be 286.2 billion tenge, that is 13.9 percent less than a year ago.

Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company or KEGOC is the system operator of the Kazakhstan’s unified electric power system.

There are 138 power stations in Kazakhstan, all of various forms of ownership. As at the first of January 2019 the total installed power output equals 21.901.9 MW, while the available output is 18.894.9 MW.

In Kazakhstan, thermal and gas units produce the major amount of electricity (92 percent or 17.4 billion kWh), followed by hydroelectric power plants (7.2 percent or 1.4 billion kWh) and renewable energy (0.7 percent or 127.5 billion kWh).