Fruit, vegetable prices increase amid rumors of Tehran quarantine

Business Materials 17 March 2020 09:24 (UTC +04:00)
Fruit, vegetable prices increase amid rumors of Tehran quarantine

TEHRAN, Iran, March 17


Price of fruit and vegetable increased due to rumor of Tehran quarantine, a member of Fruit and Vegetable Sellers Union of Iran Ali Motabheri told Trend.

"All the fruit and vegetable products were sold out amid rumors of possible quarantine in Tehran; the prices have increased a little, but they shall return to the previous level on Tuesday," Motabheri said. "People have rushed to markets to buy fruit and chicken at Tehran shops, and even bakeries were crowded."

"The shops and markets have to follow health precautions and use antiseptics; unfortunately, there were people working in the fruit and vegetable markets that were infected by coronavirus," the member of the union added.

"No representative from the Health Ministry or the National Headquarters to Fight Coronavirus has been stationed at the central fruit and vegetable market, and people are cleaning the shops and products by antiseptics themselves. Moreover, there are no gloves for workers to use," Motabheri noted.

"The price of onion also has increased in past week that was due to shortage of the product. The price of agricultural products is still increasing despite export ban to Iraq. The Agriculture Ministry should address the issue," he said.