Tax Amnesty to Be Applied in General System of Declaration

Business Materials 14 March 2007 16:01

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend , coirr I. Khalilova / The Government should take enhancing steps for declaration of people's incomes. The Azerbaijani Taxes Ministry has announced that one of these measures is the application of tax amnesty, which will ensure the full declaration of incomes of both physical and legal persons, Trend reports.

Many other countries have the similar experience. Over the past few years, it was possible to return big funds to the public budget as a result of tax amnesties. The transition to general system of declaration in Azerbaijan will lead to legalization of incomes and also expansion of the taxation basis and considerable increase of budget revenues. Only infants, disabled persons, including military men, who are wanted, or have deprived from freedom, or captured and kept abroad.

The Taxes Ministry has developed the rules regulating the order on producing tax declarations by senior officials and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers.

"Transition to declaration system is a difficult process. This is the commencement of the transition of all people in the country to the system of declaration and basic arrangements are required in this respect. Initially it will concern the senior ranking officials," the Ministry announced.