Turkmenistan carries out 3D-seismic survey in Eloten field

Oil&Gas Materials 27 January 2011 11:54 (UTC +04:00)

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Jan. 27 / corr Trend G.Gasanov / 

Exploration well drilling and 3D-seismic survey is carried out in high speed in Turkmenistan's giant western fields - South Eloten-Osman and highly perspective object adjacent to it - Yashlar, Minara, West Yandakli, Doliguyu, Egritegenli, Gazanli, Shabasan, Garakel, Turkmen Geology state corporation announced. 

The previous survey enabled to increase the initial estimation indices of this gas field up to 21 trillion cubic meters of gas, pushing Turkmenistan to a list of world's top gas giants. 

Specialists relate major prospects of growing explored gas reserves in these fields with subsalt carbonate layers of upper Jurassic age. 

The width of productive horizon in these facilities comprises 600-700 meters. Further exploration will expand dynamically the gas-bearing zone in this field, uniting tens of geological fields in the central part of Murgab hollow. 

"Even today it is possible to state with confidence that zone of estimated reserves of the South Eloten-Osman field with the square of 105x35 kilometers. It is planned to carry out additional 3D seismic survey and drill new wells to fully outpost the gas stratum and to finally define the potential of industrial reserves," the official announcement said.  

Other highly perspective fields are also being exploited efficiently. Opening new gas and gas condensate field throughout the country testifies for it. 

New fields South Guliyak, Geuazli, Lebapsk - Agarguyu, North Gazlitepe were opened in the Akhalsk region and Dervezekem and Shabasan in Mariysk region.