Azerbaijan Electric Power Consumers Will Pay Old Tariffs for Electric Debts till January 8, 2007

Oil&Gas Materials 13 January 2007 11:28

BakiElektrikSHabaka JSC, engaged in managing the electric power networks of Baku City, is pleased to bring to the notice of the consumers that the debts that were formed prior to January 8, 2007, when the new tariffs on electric power were put into force, will be paid by old tariffs, a source in the Company informed Trend.

The debts that have formed after January 8, 2007, should be paid according to the new tariffs. The consumers can receive answers on the questions they are interested in private in the Electric Power Distribution District Departments.

Publications spread by some media sources that the debts have formed prior to January 6, 2007 will be calculated according the new tariffs will be considered by BakiElektrikShabaka as of a provocative nature.

On January 8, 2007, the Azerbaijan Tariff Council increased the cost for 1 KWatt of electric power from 2 gapiks (0,2 AZN) to 6 gapiks (0,6 AZN).