Group of foreign NGOs makes statement on Azerbaijan at UN climate change conference

Green Economy Materials 11 June 2024 14:40 (UTC +04:00)
Farid Zohrabov
Farid Zohrabov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 11. Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) participating in the 60th session of the subsidiary body of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Bonn (Germany) have issued a statement praising Azerbaijan's activities as a COP29 host country and promoting dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders, Trend reports.

According to the information, the statement was signed by representatives of 102 NGOs and public activists from 31 countries.

"We, the undersigned civil society organizations, express our support to the COP29 Presidency and Azerbaijan, the host country, as they are going to head the significant task of guiding the global community towards a sustainable and greener future.

Civil society enriches climate change negotiations by providing critical advocacy, expertise, monitoring, public mobilization, representation, and innovative solutions. From raising public awareness on climate issues to advocating for stronger climate policies, we bring the concerns of various communities, especially vulnerable and marginalized groups, to the forefront of negotiations.

In this regard, the role of the COP29 Presidency and host country Azerbaijan in fostering dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders is significantly important. It is imperative to ensure that the voices of vulnerable and marginalized communities, including indigenous peoples, women, and youth, are heard and considered in the negotiation process.

By recognizing the pivotal role of civil society in driving climate action, actively involving non-state actors in decision-making processes, and prioritizing the needs of people and the planet, we forecast that Azerbaijan will host the most inclusive COP ever.

By stressing the needs and multiple crises the developing world suffers from, expressing deep concerns on the vulnerability of Small Island countries, Azerbaijan shed light on the burdens on millions of lives in the developing world.

As COP29 assumes the mantle of global leadership in addressing climate change, we, the participants of 60th sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies have full confidence in the ability of the COP29 Presidency and Azerbaijan to facilitate meaningful collaboration, drive ambitious commitments, build consensus between developed and developing worlds, address the gaps in finance mobilization and chart a course towards a more equitable future for all.

Civil society in Bonn stands ready to collaborate with all stakeholders in achieving the goals of climate agreements. Together, we can ensure that COP29 marks a significant milestone in our global journey towards a sustainable and resilient future,'' the statement notes.


1. Joseph Julca, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Spain
2. Ulrich Nitschke, Piron Global Development, Germany
3. Domenico Palmieri, ISIA - Italian Institute for Asia, Italy
4. Charles Mwangi, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, Kenya
5. Cherika Ranasinghe, Marine Environment Conservation Society of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
6. Kirtan Pandit, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA), Nepal
7. Carmine Perito, “Associazione Culturale Internazionale”, Italy
8. Matthias Boehning, International Society for Human Rights, Germany
9. Husna Ahmad, Global One 2015, United Kingdom
10. Shamim Ahmed​Mridha, Eco-Network Global, Bangladesh
11. Tolekan Ismailova, “Bir Duino- Kyrgyzstan”, Kyrgyzstan
12. Muhammad Naseer Khan Maqsood, Welfare Foundation, Pakistan
13. Gokul Rajendran, YOUNGO, India
14. Mohammed Saleem Fathima Shamla Mohammed Saleem, Global Youth Climate Connect, Sri Lanka
15. Assem Gebreal, YOUNGO Internal lead in HWG, Egypt
16. Mohamed Bahr, Muslim Council of Elders, United Arab Emirates
17. Laureen Ododa, activist, Kenya
18. Anchal Gautam, HPU&TERI, India
19. Suman Pant Pant, Partnership for Sustainable Development, Nepal
20. Rabeb Aloui, activist, Tunisia
21. Jonathan Dosseh, West African Alliance on Carbon Market and Climate Finance, Togo
22. Ndiaye Gabriel Pierre, activist, Senegal
23. Saikat Das, European Young Engineers, United Kingdom
24. Joseph Silali, Africa Bureau for Climate stories-ABOS, Kenya
25. Upendo Mwakyusa, Call for Environmental Conservation Organization, Tanzania
26. Emily Judd, Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, United Arab Emirates
27. Ratna Singh, Earth Safety Valve, India
28. Abdul Monum Sajjad, Skynok, Pakistan
29. Lameya Alam, activist, Bangladesh
30. Zainab Haroon, activist, Pakistan
31. Sanjana Prithyani, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India
32. Abdul Monum Sajjad, activist, Pakistan
33. Sree Aadithyan, activist, India
34. Didar Ali, Climate Forward Pakistan, Pakistan
35. Hamza Zeb Jadoon Jadoon, activist, Pakistan
36. Dogukan Şavk, activist, Türkiye
37. Maria Mabood, activist, India
38. Ayush Kumar Gupta, activist India
39. Kamran Ali, Fridays for Future Pakistan, Pakistan
40. M.A.Mahamud Yeamin, Shishu Ullash Organization, Bangladesh
41. Cheikh El Mehdi Zeinabou, Green land, Mauritania
42. Ravindu Nawanjana, CuteFela, Sri Lanka
43. Miles Austin, CMIA, Germany
44. Rifkan Mohammed, EYO, Sri Lanka
45. Mohamed Abderrahmane Cheikh Dah, GreeM, Mauritania
46. Aaradhya Priya, activist, India
47. Qamar Iqbal, Pak Mission Society (PMS), Pakistan
48. Neyha Abbasi, Climate Alliance Pakistan (CAP), Pakistan
49. Kristel Lyn, YOUNGO, Theirworld, Philippines
50. Prabhat Kumar Singh, Earth safety valve, India
51. S Rimesh Dilshan Ranaweera Ranaweera, Global Youth Climate Connect, Sri Lanka
52. Rohini N., SPAD, India
53. Bimasha Chamali Liyanage, activist, Sri Lanka
54. Fathima Asma Mohamed Ashraf Ali, Agrio, Sri Lanka
55. M.G.maheesha dekum malawenna guruge, Sri Lanka fedarestion of youth clubs ,Sri lanka
56. Inkasar Aziz, Youth 4 Eco Justice, Pakistan
57. Qaiser Nawab,“THE” Society International (Together for Health and Education), Pakistan
58. Abdullah Nawa, Global Strategic Institute for sustainable development- GSISD, Pakistan
59. Bishnu Hari Bhatta Bhatta, Partnership for Sustainable Development, Nepal
60. Mehtab Kamal, Fridays for future Pakistan, Pakistan
61. Buddhini Kirulapanage, activist, Sri lanka
62. Muhammad Asif Khan, activist, Pakistan
63. Taslima Akter, UNIC Bangladesh, Bangladesh
64. Lalit Kumar Dogr, Youth of Voluntary Action in Himachal (YouVAH), India
65. Alena Maslova, Dobrosphera, Kyrgyzstan
66. Soibira Saïd Ahamad, “Director générale de l'environnement et des forêts”, Comoros
67. Benjamin Bowler, Unity Earth, Australia
68. Eunice Asinguza, NEMA, Uganda
69. Aman jot Singh, Discover patterns, India
70. Shikha Dhawan, activist, India
71. Girish Pati, YOGI: Youth Organization for Green India, India
72. Muhammad Sheraz Aamir, activist, Pakistan
73. Hari Krishna KR, IYCN, India
74. Luigi Tedesco, C.R.T. srl, Italy
75. Himanshu Dua, ISKCON, India
76. Augustine Joseph, Dolphods Foundation, India
77. Israel Ikani, Climate Solution International, Nigeria
78. Dawda Cham, HELP-Gambia, Gambia
79. Rameen Siddiqui, United Nations Association of Pakistan, Pakistan
80. Jawtha Nafly Nawshad, RCOY APAC, Sri Lanka
81. Tom Sandi, Campaign Against Animal Cruelty and Climate Change, Sierra Leone
82. Emmanuel Muliisa, National Youth Council of Uganda, Uganda
83. Risla Jiffry, activist, Sri Lanka
84. Christabel Kisang, Conserve water, Kenya
85. Alie Porlor Koroma, “Plant a tree to save Life”, Sierra Leone
86. Javaria Zafar, Skillistan, Pakistan
87. Toya Ape, activist, Samui
88. Alok Kumar Chaudhary, Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka, India
89. Qaiser Nawab, “THE” Society International, Pakistan
90. Onesmus Mulima Mulima, FXB Climate Advocates International, Kenya
91. Mohamad Haggag, Egypt The Dream Foundation for Development and Innovation, Egypt
92. Kwame Frmpong Sekyere, Tropenbos Ghana, Ghana
93. Blanca Judith Mujica Acuña, Man up campaign, Peru
94. Dany El-Obeid, MECC, Lebanon
95. Byaundaombe Jean-Paul Longye, Cnetzero DRC, CONGO
96. Harish Raghavendran, YOUNGO, India
97. Saurabh Kumar, SURAKSHA, India
98. Karuna Chandra​Das, ISKCON, India
99. Ssembatya Hikimah, African Visual Artists Associates, Uganda
100. Luigi Barberio, “Destinazioni Innovative”, Italy
101. Prashant Kashyap, Satyawati College, DU, India
102. Salim Stokey, youth activist, Netherlands