Kazakhstan reveals data on gold bars sales

Kazakhstan Materials 27 February 2023 16:22 (UTC +04:00)
Emin Sevdimaliyev
Emin Sevdimaliyev
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 27. Some 2,364 gold bars with a total weight of 79.5 kilograms were sold in Kazakhstan by banks and separate non-bank exchange offices in January, Trend reports, citing the press service of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK).

The program for the sale and repurchase of measured refined gold bars for the population was launched by the National Bank in 2017. Overall, the National Bank sold 115,209 gold bars weighing around 3.9 tons since the program was launched.

The gold bars are offered in five different weight categories - 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 grams.

The most popular weight choice among the Kazakh population was 10 grams, amounting to roughly 26 percent of sales or 29,723 units. The share of 5-gram gold bars amounted to 25,538, equaling 22 percent. Gold bars weighing 100 grams were the third popular choice with 23,460 units sold or 20 percent of total sales.

The bars weighing 20 and 50 grams were the least popular among the population. Their share amounted to 23,131 (20 percent) and 13,357 (12 percent) units sold.