Implementation of President's Message to improve life quality in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Materials 28 July 2006 11:49 (UTC +04:00)

(Kazinform) - Formation of contemporary social policy, protecting the most vulnerable layers of our society and encouraging economic development is one of the key priorities of Presidents Message to people of Kazakhstan Strategy of Kazakhstans entry into the 50 most competitive countries of the world as of March 1, 2006.

In this connection in order to provide for its social advancement Kazakhstan strives to increase stratum of the middle class, to create socially responsible business, and to move closer to standards of living and life quality in the 50 most developed countries of the globe, reports Trend.

Consolidation of social stability in Kazakhstan and implementation of effective social policy, supporting vulnerable citizens and maintaining progressive advance of economy in 2006-2010, will allow to achieve the following results.

First, owing to the abovementioned steps rate of the middle class will be considerably increased.

Solution of this task will be realized through creation of favorable conditions for education and development of entrepreneurial potential of our society, stimulation of small and medium business subjects, provision of productive employment, enabling every person to obtain desired level of revenue.

In this light the state will strengthen support of entrepreneurship development, improve services quality, rendered to small and medium business, and reduce bureaucratic hierarchy substantially. It is going to introduce international standards of social responsibility of business. Business circles will play a full role in projects in the spheres of education, healthcare, sport and culture, investing and allocating funds for socially vulnerable layers of the society.

Second, joblessness and poverty will be minimized, whereas employment will soar.

Effective regulation of labor market, provision of productive employment of the population and creation of conditions for realization of human potential will enable to obtain a certain result.

Therefore, state program on elimination of poverty and unemployment minimization will be gradually implemented. Kazakhstan will establish effectively functioning labor market, providing all spheres of economy with highly-skilled professional staff.

The state intends to enhance control over observance of legislation, regulating attraction of immigrant labor, elaborate and adopt range of measures on monitoring of creeping growth of foreign migration. It is expected to amend Labor Code, foreseeing norms of training, retraining and upgrade qualifications of personnel and its further job placement.

Third, living standards and life quality will be hopefully enhanced.

To enter the 50 most competitive states of the world it is crucial to improve both economic indexes and life quality of Kazakhstanis.

Index of human potential development is usually put forth as the most important factor of living standards. The index is made up of three basic rates: expected lifespan, level of education and living standards.

Solution of these issues presupposes adjustment of existing programs including reforms of secondary and higher education and healthcare.

In this context Kazakhstan should approximate its living standards to those of the 50 most developed countries of the globe and increase GDP per capita up to USD 7000 by 2010.

It is also to complete formation of multilevel system of social security, to perfect policy of categorical aid, to update housing program and to introduce set of labor compensation criteria.

On the whole realization of major terms of social policy will lead to deepening of social reforms, solution of socially important problems and consolidation of social stability in the country.