Kyrgyzstan ranks 166th of world’s most corrupt states

Kyrgyzstan Materials 3 July 2009 16:50 (UTC +04:00)

Kyrgyzstan's corruption ranks 166th among 180 most corrupt countries of the world, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia at Transparency International Miklos Marshall said meeting with journalists on Friday, "24.kg" reported.

As to the director it is a very good index for the country. "However, the republic has been taking a number of measures against this evil for the last five years, giving hope that situation will change for the better if influence of civil sector strengthens," Marshall said.

According to the Head of Board of Transparency International Huguette Labelle, it is impossible to estimate corruption. "With the help of investigations it is possible to estimate the corruption perception index," she added.

The corruption perception index is estimated with account of the country's budget. "If the budget of a country grows - there is progress in corruption control. Such tendency exists in Kyrgyzstan. So, in 2005 the state budget made up 18 billion soms, but already in 2008 it hit 60 billion soms," Sadyr Japarov Commissioner of the Kyrgyz National Corruption Control Agency said.