Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan in Finland names key sectors of strong bilateral relations (Exclusive)

Kyrgyzstan Materials 25 September 2023 07:00 (UTC +04:00)
Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan in Finland names key sectors of strong bilateral relations (Exclusive)
Alyona Pavlenko
Alyona Pavlenko
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 25. Finland and Kyrgyzstan have cultivated cooperation across various public and private sectors, Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan in Finland, Petri Numminen, told Trend.

He said that over the years, institutions and companies have established enduring partnerships, primarily in the following areas:

Environmental institutes and legislation;

Meteorological cooperation;

Geological collaboration;

Aid for Trade initiatives with UNDP;

Promotion of human rights and access to justice with UNDP;

Infrastructure planning and supervision;

Reciprocal governmental and parliamentary visits;

Mutual business seminars and visits;

Boosting tourism;

Water management technology;

Mining technology;

Fish farming.

"While this list isn't exhaustive, these areas have witnessed increased activity in recent years. Several companies are also engaged in facilitating import and export activities between the two countries," Petri Numminen pointed out.

He noted that many public sector projects, which are still ongoing, were initiated more than two decades ago. However, commercial cooperation has seen significant growth since 2016, marked by the first business forum between Finland and Kyrgyzstan (in August 2023).

"This forum, organized by the Honorary Consulate of Kyrgyzstan in Finland, the Embassy of Finland for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and the UNDP Aid for Trade project, was a turning point. Subsequently, numerous ministerial, governmental, parliamentary, and business delegation visits and meetings have taken place, fostering close institutional and personal relationships that facilitate communication and further bilateral collaboration," Numminen said.

"I have organized three business forums in Bishkek since 2016 in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the UNDP Aid for Trade project. Our Kyrgyz partners have been the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Economy, and the National Agency for Investment," he said.