Anti-radar aircrafts tested in Iran

Iran Materials 24 June 2009 16:41 (UTC +04:00)

Anti-radar aircrafts and Gasid missiles have been tested in Iran, Mehr quoted Commander of the Iranian Air Forces as saying.

"Gasid 1 and Gasid 2 homing missiles were successfully demonstrated. These missiles have been produced by local manufacturers," Commander of the Iranian Air Forces Hasan Shahsefi said after exercises held under conventional name of Rise of Provincial Sun over the Persian and Oman Gulf.

He said Gasid 1 and Gasid 2 missiles can destroy the target without pilot's control.

Anti-radar aircraft was also tested in Tehran, he said.

"Anti-radar aircraft can find the target both in short and long distance and to destroy it if is necessary. It is not detected by radars," he said.

Iranian Air Forces launched military exercises on June 22. The exercises will be held in three stages over the Persian and Oman Gulf. Pilots covered distance up to 3,600 kilometers during the flight.