Parliament's Speaker: Iran-Egypt ties strategic for Muslims

Iran Materials 17 May 2011 12:13 (UTC +04:00)

The Islamic Republic and Egypt are significantly influential among Muslim countries, anв the expansion of friendly relations between two countries can have a strategic impact on relations in the Islamic worldб Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a meeting with Fahmi Howeidi and Hassan Nafea, two Egyptian political and social scholars, Press TV reported with reference to IRNA.

Larijani pointed out that the US has been opposed to the development of Iran-Egypt ties and added, "The US seeks to thwart popular movements in Egypt and restore previous reactionary relations to this significant Muslim country."

The top Iranian official went on to say that the US and the establishment of other dictatorial regimes were two major threats to the future of regional uprisings, including the Egypt revolution, and said, the establishment of democratic parliamentary systems can counter such threats.

Larijani said that the Iranian nation and government supported Egypt's popular revolution from the very beginning, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its support for the North African country.

He described the prospect of relations between the two countries as brotherly and friendly and said deeply historic, cultural and religious bonds between Iran and Egypt have laid the groundwork for the expansion of mutual cooperation in all areas.

The Egyptian scholars also called for the expansion of friendly ties with Tehran in all areas, in particular economic ties, and said Iran and Egypt should make the maximum use of their potentials to further strengthen relations.