World Cannot Stand US Belligerent Policies

Iran Materials 8 May 2006 11:51 (UTC +04:00)

(Fars News Agency)- Iranian Defense Minister Sunday said that the world is seeking peace and tranquility more than ever and that all the world states feel hatred for the warmongering policies of the US.

Brigadier General Mohammad Najjar stated that torture, assassination, terror, abduction, secret jails, deployment of the WMD, occupation, threatening to war and other evil acts have turned into an inhumane habit for the White House officials, reports Trend.

He further stressed that the US diplomacy of fraud and deceit, intimidation, and unconventional pressures on the UN Security Council aimed at ratifying sanctions and adoption of the military option against Iran are all illustrative of the US statesmen's belligerent policies.

The Minister also said that Israel's domination over the Middle-East region constitutes the main goal underlying the United States' adventurism in Iran's nuclear case, adding that vigilance of the world states is a key obstacle in the way of the accomplishment of the US evil policies.

Reminding that the United States is principally against Iran's progress and development, Najjar stressed that the Islamic Republic's defense industries have been designed to merely produce conventional weapons, "and nuclear arsenals have no place in Iran's defense doctrine."