Arabs should not follow US anti-Iran policy: Arab expert

Iran Materials 10 November 2006 13:00 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) - An expert on Arab world strategic issues has called on Arab countries, in particular the Persian Gulf littoral states, not to follow the US anti-Iran diplomacy.

In an article published in Syria-based daily of Tishrin on Thursday, Rafat Seyyed Ahmad referred to the US and certain European countries' maneuver in Persian Gulf and the Great Prophet War Game in Iran, and noted that the two maneuvers sound a note of alarm for a possible conflict between the two sides, reports Trend.

He added that Iran has always supported Arab nations and resistance groups since victory of the Islamic Revolution, and never committed aggression against any Arab state, therefore, the country is not a threat to regional states, because it has conducted all of war games within its borders.

"The real threat is the other side (the US and its Western allies) because of they are conducting unlawful maneuvers outside their borders," he pointed out.

"If the US ignited a war against Iran, it would be burned in the flames of the war."

He called on Arab nations specially those in the Persian Gulf not to permit the US warmongers to make use of their territory to conduct military operation against Iran, otherwise, they will be burnt in the flames of the war.