UN resolution on Iran indicates anti-Muslim discrimination of big powers against, Reyshahri

Iran Materials 25 December 2006 18:09 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) - The resolution the United Nations Security Council passed against Iranian nuclear program indicated discrimination the big powers are enforcing against Muslims, head of Iranian Haj Pilgrims, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri said on Monday.

Speaking in an International Conference on 'Holy Qods, Islamic Resistance and Fate of Qods al-Sharif' in presence of foreign intellectuals and scholars in Mecca, he said that resistance is the only option to thwart double-standard of the big powers against Muslims.

Reyshahri called on the Islamic nations to render spiritual and material support for the Palestinian resistance movement, reports Trend.

He said that despite continued pressure of the big powers on Muslim nations, especially the Palestinians, they are pressing ahead with resistance to uphold the Islamic values and liberate the first Qibla and the third holy shrine from occupation.

"Currently, Palestine is passing hard period. Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon are suffering from foreign intervention. So, the Palestinians could not pin hope on the resolutions being passed by the United Nations calling for an end to occupation of Palestinian territories," he said.

He said that the United States does not heed resolutions of the United Nations on human rights citing the crimes US troops committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib and other prisons since beginning of the international campaign against terrorism.