ECO Park to strengthen relations between member states

Business Materials 9 June 2021 21:05 (UTC +04:00)
ECO Park to strengthen relations between member states

TEHRAN, Iran, June.9

By Sara Riazi - Trend:

ECO Park has an important role in creating closer cultural relations between Economic Cooperation Organization member countries, said the head of ECO Cultural Institute.

"One of the important concerns of mine was forming the ECO Park, therefore I started a conversation with Mohammad Hossein Hedjazi Managing Director of Abbas Abad Renovation Company and Hadi Soleimanpour Secretary-General of the Economic Cooperation Organization," Sarvar Bakhti, told Trend in an interview.

"One of my important missions in expanding cultural transactions between ECO member countries is to preserve cultural heritage and transferring it to the future. Increasing volume of interaction between communities would prepare the ground for friendship between nations and governments," he added during the relaunch ceremony of ECO Park.

The connection between NGOs has an important role in enhancing relations between nations. ECO Park has been established to transfer friendly atmosphere and peaceful conversation by respecting human rights.

ECO Cultural Institute is trying to establish similar parks in other ECO member countries. Joint projects such as ECO Park could play a valuable role in boosting the interactions of friendly countries.

"If we are concerned about culture, these symbols are very important and would enhance cultural identity and if this move is supported by ECO member countries we can establish ECO Park in other cities. The action would start if heads of ECO member countries welcome the establishment of more ECO Parks, a long-term plan to preserve regional heritage should be drafted," Bakhti added.

"We plan cohesive developing plans in ECO Park in Tehran, the following park would be used for exhibitions, events, concerts and cultural weeks of ECO member embassies and would develop relations in order to evolve its position from national and regional to international level and attract investors and tourists," he noted.

The revitalization ceremony of ECO Park held in Tehran on June 9, attended by ambassadors of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member countries.

Abbas Abad Renovation Company and ECO Cultural Institute signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance the level of cooperation and improve the cultural participation of ECO members.

ECO with an area of 27,000 square meters in the northern part of Norouz Park in the cultural and tourism region of Abbas Abad, is considered as one of the common cultural characteristics between the member countries of this organization.