Analysis Materials 23 November 2005 12:02 (UTC +04:00)

After two-year researches in the social sector at least the law on Targeted social aid enacted into law. There was a long necessity for such a law, in particular, when it was dealt with complains on law social payments.

The law includes a notion �need’, which will be defined depending on the level of living wage, or might coincide to it. The living wage of different social groups will be calculated separately. The calculated living wage will be merged and the general criteria for the family will be identified. Thus, in accordance with the law, people with salaries down as compared to living wage will receive targeted aid.

Under the law the government is committed to submit to the President together with the draft budget proposals on limits of need criteria with regard to appoint targeted state social aid. The aid will be distributed among people defined through collecting data on the composition of the family, per member incomes, property, and income sources.

The social aid to needy people will be appointed by the relevant of the executive power and paid fully at the expense of the public budget.

The time will show whether the principles of social aid in Azerbaijan will be observed. For its essence, the development of a principle on targeted aid is not uneasy task requiring right finding of needy families.

Therefore, it is very important to hold monitoring while establishing mechanism on targeted aid to avoid all appearances of corruption.