Unhappy end of fairy tale in Armenia

Armenia Materials 7 May 2014 17:36 (UTC +04:00)
The attempts to compose a fairy tale with a happy ending were not successful in Armenia.
Unhappy end of fairy tale in Armenia

By Jamila Babayeva

The attempts to compose a fairy tale with a happy ending were not successful in Armenia.
Armenian journalists recently had a chance to broadcast the happy ending in which an unpleasant rodent mouse turns into a useful domestic animal -a hen.

The ending was not happy for creative journalists who were strictly punished for such a will-wishing initiative.

One knows from early childhood that tales are tales, and you believe in their magic force only for a while. The poor journalists desiring to present their dreams in an original way received a very cruel response. It turned out that such tales are unacceptable in Armenia, and after waking up from a dream, they found themselves among a large group of jobless people in the country where every third citizen lives in poverty. But they did not have any dirty ideas at all...

Prime Minister Ovik Abramyan, the hero of the tale, has a kiddy nickname "mouse" granted him by his grandmother because of his inclination to grab candies without permission. With their reach fantasy, the journalists only tried to present 'mouse' Abramyan as 'a hen'. A magic letter at the beginning of his name could turn this "sweets grabber" into a "lavish hen".

The local television channel Armenia TV has recently presented PM Abramyan as 'Avik Abramyan'. One may say this is simply a spelling mistake. The point is that 'Avik' means 'a hen' - a lovely domestic animal.

But this unpardonable mistake by the TV employees put a stop to their carrier. The channel dismissed the two journalists who transformed 'rodent' PM to a useful domestic animal.
The management called the incident a technical mistake and urged people not to look for a political subtext. "There was no commentary by the Prime Minister," they noted.

Abramyan voiced his disappointment in the journalists who distorted his name. He called on the television channel to revise its decision, as the journalists' dismissal in such a case was undesirable for him.

"I am sure what happened was a technical typo," Abramyan wrote on his Facebook page.
So, Abramyan seems to have rejected any other nicknames except 'mouse' and prefers to remain a harmful animal, rather than a useful one.

Oligarch Abramyan cannot get pleasant nicknames, because as a 'mouse' he has provided himself with quite a large fortune.

Former Parliamentary Speaker, incumbent PM Abramyan, has acquired a gambling business, vineyards, mines, filling stations, knitted goods factory, and a mechanical plant. He also has a rest house in Crimea, bought for $7 mln in 2007.

Hen is a useful and highly productive domestic animal for humans. Hen is omnivore and even eats mice. Perhaps the authors of the incomplete fairy tale had imagined a very happy ending in which the hen eats a mouse or lays a golden egg. But in Armenia, no fairy tale with a happy ending can be composed. Azernews