Armenians’ long patience worth 6.93 dram …

Armenia Materials 25 June 2015 14:21 (UTC +04:00)
Using a theory of conspiracy is universal. It is easy to use it as a cover in case of any failure, in fact, without any liability for one’s own actions.
Armenians’ long patience worth 6.93 dram …

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 25

By Elmira Tariverdiyeva - Trend:

Using a theory of conspiracy is universal. It is easy to use it as a cover in case of any failure, in fact, without any liability for one's own actions.

Today's pre-revolutionary unrest in Armenia has proved to be an excellent occasion for different political poles to begin blaming each other for organizing the rallies. The West has seen Russia's involvement, but the Kremlin - the US machinations. The situation in Armenia is similar to the protests in Egypt and Tunisia. People are tired.

Why does not a simple idea come to anyone's mind? Every nation's patience has a limit which can be lost once due to the presumptuous authorities, which have been made sure of their impunity for many years?

The recent large rallies, culminating in the bloody victory of the authorities, took place in Yerevan in March 2008.

At the time the clashes between law enforcement bodies and opposition took place after the dispersal of an opposition rally led by the former president of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

In two days, 10 were killed and 250 injured in those clashes.

Apparently during that time, the Armenian people, being intimidated by the perspective physical violence, decided to tolerate it.

However, there comes a point when keeping silent is dangerous not only for you yourself, but also for the life of future generations.

Serzh Sargsyan's regime, which usurped power in Armenia, has been too long robbing its countrymen, and there is no need in the influence of Moscow, the West or the White House for the people to finally rebel and take to the streets.

Suffice it to follow the dynamics of the drop of Armenian currency in recent years, the fertility decline chart and the growing percentage of unemployment.

How should the ordinary people draw the attention of the international community to their problems when the corrupt Armenian authorities don't want to hear the people's complaints about the difficult living conditions?

If the revolution takes place in Armenia (it will happen sooner or later), only the country's government, which has been enriching itself by robbing the people for many years and doesn't take any single step to improve the people's living conditions, must take blame for it.

Nobody from the outside is to blame, because the patience of people reached its limit when the government decided to increase the electricity tariffs. The price of Armenians' long-suffering is 6.93 Armenian drams.

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